Technical Stuff.

The boys create all their own backing tracks using Cubase VST. This includes use of the following equipment, EMU 0404 soundcard and various effects such as the Digitech J Station, POD 2 and Behringer V amp pro, the Zoom Rhythmtrak 234, a Behringer MX 802A and Studiomaster mixers.

They use the following for live performance.

Alan Nichol

Trantec Microphones  - Shure SM58    -  Yamaha, Digitech & Behringer outboard effects  -  Alesis Desk  - Mackie SRM450V2 PA

Norman Langton

Gibson, Fender, Jackson, Gordon Smith and Carparelli guitars – see ’guitar gallery  below'  Boss ME70 effects - Trantec Guitar Transmitter.

Guitar Gallery


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